Dog Remote Training Collars Buyer’s Guide (updated 2019)

Dog Collar Buyer's Guide 2019
Dog Collar Buyer’s Guide 2019

Dog training collars can be used as a highly effective, safe and cost-efficient tool when training your dog by yourself. However, before purchasing a dog training collar, it is very important to fully understand your training requirements as well as the personal characteristics, liking, disliking and needs of your dog. In this article we are going to provide you a complete Dog Remote Training Collars Buyer’s Guide 2019.

Once you understand your needs, you’ll be able to buy a right collar that will do what you want it to do. With the help of the correct dog training collar, it’s possible to train a dog to do nearly anything. However, while there are some collar systems that work best when teaching basic obedience commands in indoor or in the backyard, there are also systems that work best for field training or in hunting environment. There are also dog training collars that make it easier to work with multiple dogs, or with a blind or deaf dog. By fully understanding your training needs, you’ll find it easier to know which dog training collar features are likely to be most important to look for in your particular case.

What are Your Remote Trainer Choices?

Since there are many dog training collars or shock collars available on the market from which to choose, selecting the right one can sometimes seem to be a daunting and difficult task. This useful guide has been designed to explain the various features and functionality of the different collar system types. It also points out some of the important features and issues surrounding these collars in general. Once you have a good idea of what you wish to accomplish through the use of a dog remote training collar, you can use this guide to help you find the type of system that will work best for you and your lovely dog or pup.

There are a number of different collar manufacturers from which to choose, all of whom make a number of different models and types of dog remote training collars. When looking for a quality dog remote collar system, several manufacturers immediately come to mind, such as CANAVIS, Garmin, Moer, FunniPets, PetSpy, SportDog, and PetTech. All of these manufacturers provide a wide variety of different dog training collars systems, each designed to meet a particular need.

Understanding the Choices of Dog Remote Training Collars

Dog Training Remote Collars are designed to work in a number of different ways, any one of which may or may not be right for you and your beloved dog. Many of the most popular collars available in the market today use electronic stimulation in order to achieve good training results. These collar systems are adjustable, smart, effective and easy to use. These are just a few of the many reasons why they are so popular.

Types of Stimulation

There are two types of stimulation available in dog shock collars – Continuous Stimulation and Momentary Stimulation. Most collars available on the market have these two stimulation.

Continuous Stimulation vs. Momentary Stimulation

Continuous stimulation: it allows you to control the length of the correction. With continuous stimulation, the stimulation will cut on when the button is pressed and off when you release it.

You can also press the button down and hold it down for a longer stimulation. But this can impact a negative effect for your dog. A safety function is added in today’s collars that will “time out” on the collar when the button has been pressed down for more than 8 to 10 seconds. Depending on the model and manufacturer it varies.

Momentary stimulation is a “attention getter” that lasts for a fraction of a second, no matter how long the button is held down by the user.

In many collars it will cut on and cut off faster than you can press and release the button.

As a general rule, we recommend continuous stimulation for training a new dog or stubborn one. The majority of training methods on the market today use continuous stimulation. Momentary stimulation can be used with trained dogs to correct known commands.

Alternative to Shock/Stimulation Collars

There are also alternatives to shock training collars, such as vibration-only dog training collars and other collars that combine vibration and electronic shock corrections. There are also ultrasonic dog training systems, which work by means of sound signals that dogs can hear and react accordingly. Remote spray collars are also an alternative option for those who prefer not to use electronic shock corrections. When deciding between these various options, it’s important to understand the various features. As well as the situations where the correction method might work best for your dog.

Understanding Your Dog’s Needs

In addition to understanding your training needs, it’s also and equally important to understand your dog’s needs. That includes the dog’s size, temperament, age and level of experience into consideration. For example, an electronic shock collar might be the only effective choice for a stubborn dog. However, even a mild electronic shock correction might be too much for a small toy breed dog or pup, or a dog that is particularly sensitive but has been abused in the past. In many cases, older dogs or those that have already achieved a certain training level respond effectively well to milder electronic corrections. Or even training collar systems that use other methods of correction such as vibration, spray or ultrasonic sound.

How much should you spend on a dog remote training collars?

It’s up to you!

There are several dog remote training collars available in the market in different price ranges. Starting from $29 to even more than $800. If you prefer equipment that holds up over time under heavy use. Then you may not mind paying a little more for it. Some remote training collars for dogs are sturdier and they will last longer than others. It’s totally depends upon you.

We have categories dog remote training collars according to different price level for your help.

Price Range $100 to $200

Garmin Delta XC Dog Training Collar

SportDog 425 Remote Trainer

Educator Remote E-Collar Dog Training Collar

Price Range $50 to $100

TBI Pro Dog Trainig Collar with Remote

PetSpy XPro Dog Training Collar

Price Range Under $40

In lower price range like under $40, you can check out our reviews for

FunniPets Dog Training Collar

GoodBoy Small Size Remote Collar

PetTech PT0Z1 Dog Training Schock Collar

CANAVIS Dog Shock Collar

DogCare Dog Training Collar

Petrainer Waterproof and Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar

Moer Sky Dog Training Collar


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