FunniPets Dog Training Collar Review

FunniPets Dog Training Collar Review
FunniPets Dog Training Collar Review

In the post we are going to review FunniPets Dog Training Collar. Which is a truly advance training collar for dogs. We are going to discus its features, pros, cons and at the end you will find our verdict for this wonderful dog training collar.

Dogs can be your best friend. They can protect your house and they can save you from many dangers. But, to do all these, you need to train your dogs properly. The initial stages of dog training can be difficult. Your dog may not listen to you and you may face a hard time to control your dog.

But, if you use an advanced dog collar like FunniPets Dog Training Collar, then you can train your dogs in a better way. It can help you to train your dogs without much labor. But if you have already decided that the FunniPets Dog Training Collar is for your dog.

Top Features

This dog collar has plenty of features. It has a safe shock mode and the collar has four modes to find and to train your dog. It has a good range and many amazing features.
All of its features are discussed below to help to know more about this dog collar.

1. Multiple Modes

This dog collar has multiple modes. It can vibrate and it can provide a static shock. Moreover, the collar has LED lights and sound production mode to help you to train your dog faster and better.
All of these modes are just perfect to train your dogs for any type of activities (walking, running, peeing etc)

2. Vast Range Of Control

With this dog collar you can take your dog to almost anywhere, The remote of this collar can control your dogs from 2600 feet away. The collar is rechargeable and it can find your dog even in the darkness.
Just train your dogs without being least worried.

3. Safe Shock Mode

This dog collar has a safe shock mode. If you use this, your dogs will never get any skin injury. It has certain safety measures that applies the shock without harming the animal.

4. Water Proof Collar

This dog collar is water proof. This waterproof dog collar lets you to take your dogs on the beaches. You can even use this collar in rainy weather. So, your dog’s training won’t stop under any type of weather.

Pros and Cons of FunniPets Dog Collar

Pros –

1. Great Modes Of Training – The four different modes of this dog collar are truly great to train your dogs.
2. LED Light – The LED light can help you to find your dog even in the darkness.
3. Warranty – You can get a one year warranty on this collar.

Cons –

1. Not For Puppies – You can use this collar only on a dog which is older than six months.
2. Remote Control Fails – Sometimes, the remote control fails to work. But, this happens rarely.
Despite all these disadvantages, this dog collar is extremely popular. You should use this dog collar to properly train your dogs.

Where to Buy this Dog Training Collar?

You should visit to buy this amazing dog collar. It’s a great site and it’s trusted by millions of people. They have very fast devliery and within few days Amazon will deliver this amazing dog collar to your home. If you want to buy this from Amazon click here.
If you are still confuse what to buy? Then you should also check our Dog Remote Training Collar Buyer’s Guide – 2019. It will help you a lot for finding your best dog training collar.


FunniPets Dog Trianing Collar is really an advance waterproof training collar for dogs. Multiple modes and vast range of control make it really ideal for training your dog. If you wan to buy this best waterproof dog training collar then you can click here.